FAQs – Candlestick Massage Therapy


You can book online by selecting convenient spots on our user-friendly calendar, alternatively give us a call or send a message with your specific query.

Yes, we do offer a free 15-minute session in-person/ over phone or a zoom for counselling/psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy and counselling have a lot in common and usually mean the same thing. Both are used to describe professionals who use talk-based approaches to help someone recover from a mental illness or mental health problem. Counseling can be used in non-mental health contexts as well, such as “career counseling” or “pre-marital counselling”, however in the area of mental health/relationship problems, counselling is interchangeably used with terms “psychotherapy” or “therapy.”

Most of the extended insurances cover registered massage therapy (RMT) and registered psychotherapy services. It will be beneficial for you to call your insurance to know about your coverage for these services per session and per year before booking a session with us.

Yes, for registered massage therapy, we do bill most insurances directly. For psychotherapy, as of now we are not billing insurance directly.

As our approach is highly customized and every client has a different treatment plan, it’s safe to assume that most clients feel better within 6-8 weeks of therapy. During the initial sessions, we’ll be able to tell you approximately how many sessions you might need for a successful recovery.

We offer Swedish massage for relaxation, deep tissue and sports massage for relief from pain, stiffness and sport related injuries, lymphedema drainage massage post-surgery or for the relief from swelling. We also offer antenatal and post-natal massage for the pregnant women during and after delivery.