Fees and Insurance – Candlestick Massage Therapy

Fees and Insurance

Pricing of our services

For our pricing, please check the details in Services and Pricing section

Sliding Scale

We offer sliding scale or affordable rates for counselling/psychotherapy services for our clients in financial need. Do reach out to us to inquire about our affordable rates!


Massage Therapy and Psychotherapy services are covered by most extended insurance plans. Kindly check with your insurance about the details such as percentage of the fee covered and the maximum coverage for the services in a year.

Cancellation Policy

Kindly inform us 48 hours in advance if you need to cancel an appointment, failure to do so will result in full charge for the full amount on your account.

Services and Pricing

Registered Massage Therapy

  • 60 Minutes (Individual)- $85; 60 Minutes for Couple- $170
  • 75 Minutes- $105 (Individuals) (for Couple- $210)
  • 90 Minutes- $125 (for Couple- $250)
  • 120 Minutes (Individual)- $165
  • 45 Minutes (Individual) - $70
  • 30 Minutes (Individual)- $45

Counselling and Psychotherapy

  • Individual session-50 minutes- $120
  • Individual session- 60 minutes- $130
  • Couple Counseling- 75 minutes- $145
  • Family Counseling- 75 minutes- $145