Our Foundational Values – Candlestick Massage Therapy

Our Foundational Values

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.

~Sundar Pichai

When everyone is included, everyone wins.

~Jesse Jackson

We respect and treat people of diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, races, religions and genders equally. We are sensitive to our client’s unique cultural expressions and needs. We believe that inclusivity helps to leverage cultural diversity and leads to higher levels of motivation and facilitation of goal-directed behaviour of individuals, families, and communities.

Human Rights and Social Justice

We firmly believe in fair and equitable distribution of resources leads to better mental and overall health outcomes. We are aware of many social injustices and we support our clients in their fight against discrimination and unjust treatment by families, communities and society.

Therapeutic Collaboration

We consider clients as experts in their own lives, we collaborate with our clients to help them in the ways they expect to be helped

Working in the Best Interests of our Clients

We always promote the best interests of our clients, by using evidence-based therapies, making our services affordable, or offering multiple options for booking to make counselling convenient and comfortable experience for them. With our efforts we hope to boost strength and resilience of our clients. We truly believe that we can help our clients to turn worst of the times into best of the times by stimulating their learning, psychological growth and resilience.

Use of Evidence-Based Therapies

To ensure best therapeutic outcomes, we ensure that we deliver therapies and interventions backed robust research and evidence. We use cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), solution-focused therapy, client-centred therapy, narrative therapy, family therapy, emotionally focused therapy, Adlerian therapy, Mindfulness therapy and Yoga Therapy.

Depathologizing Lens and Compassion

We view our clients with a depathologizing lens. We meet them where they are and nurture them with our expertise, empathy, unconditional positive regard, understanding and watch them being transformed into strong, capable and resilient human beings.