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Meet Our Therapists

Mamta Bhatt

Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP)
Registered Psychotherapist, RP(Qualifying)
Registered Massage Therapist (RMT)

Mamta Bhatt is experienced in giving massage treatment to people from all age groups, cultures and genders. She coordinates with her clients to plan the treatments to help them overcome pain and stiffness, improve blood circulation, range of motion, and promote well-being and relaxation. Due to her background and experience in medicine, she is well-versed in treating medical conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, headache, pain syndromes, prolapsed disc, tendinitis, sports-related injuries and also mental health conditions such as anxiety disorder and depression with massage therapy.
Mamta Bhatt is a Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.) and a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (C.M.T.O.). Mamta is familiar with various massage therapy styles like Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, myofascial release and trigger point therapy. Mamta’s toolkit also includes other techniques like manual lymphatic drainage techniques, stretch and joint mobilization techniques etc. Hydrotherapy in the form of heat pads and cold packs is used to facilitate treatments as well. Remedial exercise post-massage treatment is always a part of Mamta’s massage therapy treatment plan.
Mamta Bhatt is also a Registered Psychotherapist, RP (Qualifying) and a member of the College of Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). Mamta is passionate about improving the mental health of her clients and is well-versed in the application of evidence-based theories such as cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT), Solution-focused therapy, Narrative therapy, Adlerian therapy, mindfulness-based therapy, Existential therapy, family therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT) and emotionally focused therapy (EFT). Mamta’s experience in dealing with mental health spans more than two decades in India. She is comfortable working with diverse populations and problems. Most recently Mamta Bhatt completed an internship at a US-based counselling clinic and helped Americans in overcoming mental health challenges posed by trauma, abuse, anxiety, depression, ADHD, bipolar disease, relationship issues, addictions, marital discord, addiction, body-image issues, hoarding disorder, anger etc.
Mamta Bhatt offers counselling care to individuals, couples and families. To know more about her expertise in mental health, click here.

Prashant Bhatt

Registered Massage Therapist (R.M.T.)

Prashant Bhatt works at Candlestick Massage Therapy since 2019 and is a member of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario (CMTO). Prashant’s clients love him for deep tissue and sport massage treatments that help them with pain relief, reduction of restrictions, and improvement of blood circulation that leads to improved health and functioning of their musculoskeletal system, improved performance, relaxation, and overall well-being.