Prashant Bhatt is a medical doctor specializing in Radiology. He is alumni of St Vincent’s high school, Pune and Army Public School, Delhi. In his school days he started doing long distance running. This interest has now evolved into long walks in different continents, where he has lived.  He has managerial experience at an international level and was head of the Radiology Department of Libyan Swiss Medical Centre ( LSMC) Tripoli, Libya, from 2003 to 2016.

After finishing his medical training from Maulana Azad Medical college, New Delhi and MD in Radiology from Seth GS Medical college – KEM hospital Mumbai, he worked in several leading MRI imaging centers in Delhi, including Indian Spinal Injuries centre ( ISIC) and VIMHANS neurosciences hospital.  He has keen interest in Musculosketal and Neuroimaging, specializes in MR imaging. Having over 25 years experience in medical field, 13 of which are as a Department head at international level, Mr. Bhatt has unique experience in managing different situations, involving many nationalities.  As department manager, he has been directly supervising persons of nine different nationalities. He remained and continued to operate his radiology department throughout the Libyan Revolution of 2011.

As a traveler and photographer, Mr. Bhatt has been to many countries and has put down some of his experiences in website  This also tells some of his first hand experiences of the Indian diaspora in Libya, Malta, Canada. Two collections of his articles, one of common people during the Libyan revolution of 2011 and the second based on life stories of Diaspora of different nationalities, can be found here –  books. Prashant is also the Convenor of Tripoli Reading Group. This reading group, which evolved over coffee tables of Grand Hotel, engages Diasporic and local working people, using works of literature as a framework for discussion. The Reading journal of this reading group is Here you can find summaries of reading group discussions on topics ranging from Post colonialism to Management to issues such as Burn Out in mid-career.   The reading group tries to think with different hats, how to take, say a Psychoanalytic or Marxist or Feminist approach and see what a particular work has to teach us about identity, race, nationality, ethnicity.

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